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What Type Of Career Is A Gardener?

A gardener is solely responsible for maintaining the beauty of the garden. They grow, cultivate, and maintain all types of flowers, plants, trees, lawns, and shrubs.

Gardening is a profession, it is a hobby, it is an artistic work, and it is also an adventure.

So, What Type Of Career Is A Gardener? A gardening career is like a horticultural career. A gardening career focuses on growing, pruning, cultivating, and treating plants for aesthetic purposes.

If you have a passion for plants and you are fascinated by natural green vegetation and the beauty of flowers, then a gardening career might just be for you.

What Is A Gardening Career Like?

A gardener is someone responsible for cultivating and growing all types of flowers, plants, trees, lawns, and shrubs. Gardeners specialize in transforming horribly-looking vegetation into a magical, beautiful green world.

A gardener’s service is usually required in places like public parks, sports grounds, gardens, schools, private estates, residential houses, museums, zoos, or even to work for the government.

Gardeners are generally passionate about the environment and nature. Vital skills essential for you to succeed as a gardener are, creativity as well as an eye for details.

Other required skills for a gardener are a keen interest in nature and plants, patience, and an ability to use your initiative. Also, as a gardener, you have to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle as it is required in the career.

A gardener has to consider the purpose of the garden in choosing the appropriate plants to cultivate in it. Depending on the purpose of the garden, a gardener may choose to grow ornamental crops, vegetables, or herbs.

The plant choice would also determine if the garden would attract birds or wildlife, emit sweet fragrance, grow picturesque leafage, bloom beautiful colors, withstand drought, or become a suitable dinner location.

After the garden has been designed and planted, it has to be periodically maintained to keep its beauty. Plants need to be watered and well-fed with the required nutrients. The gardeners’ tools are mainly hoes, spades, baskets, rakes, watering cans, shears, plows, and trimmers.

Gardening might seem challenging and would require dedication and commitment on your part, but the result is always worth the efforts put in.

The gardening career is pretty much safe. Aside from occasional sunburn, dehydration, bee sting, and sore muscles, you hardly encounter any dangerous situations.

You do not necessarily need formal training to become a gardener. What is of utmost importance is that you have some experience and that you are very good at what you do.

Though some gardeners have a degree in horticulture or botany, it is not a requirement to start a career as a gardener.

In essence, there is no fixed entry route to become a gardener. You just have to be able to prove to employers that you have the skills, passion, and knowledge that they are looking for.

Also, most gardeners seek to become master gardeners which can be earned through a voluntary program that supports gardening in communities.

Popular voluntary organizations you can check out The National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, or The Conservation Volunteers to start volunteering and building your experience.

The average salary of a gardener is $32,000 per year or an average hourly rate of $15. It is common for gardeners to have more than a single stream of income.

Some gardeners earn extra bucks by organizing classes and workshops in the community. Others write blogs about gardens while others are involved in garden photography.

There are many other ways you can earn extra money from your gardening career.

What Career Paths Are Available For Gardeners?

Other than the gardening career path, there is a wide range of possibilities for gardeners. There is a lot of potential career paths for every lover of nature in search of a career.

Some of the career opportunities available for gardeners as well as other types of careers similar to that of a gardener are:

  • Plant pathologist 

A plant pathologist carries out laboratory experiments and tests to help discover the kind of diseases that attack various plants.

Also, a plant pathologist develops new species of plants that are resistant to diseases. The average salary of a plant pathologist is $81,699 per annum.

  • Consultant in horticulture

They provide a variety of services to various organizations and businesses.

They provide advice on grass selection, maintenance advice for golf courses, plant recommendation, advising farmers on crop choices, and much more. The average salary of a horticultural consultant is $57,136 per annum.

  • Ornamental horticulturist

Ornamental Horticulturalist work with flowers and plants for ornamental and decorative purposes. It involves designing bouquet and corsages.

Ornamental horticulturist works at floristry stores, nurseries, or landscaping businesses. The average salary of an ornamental horticulturist is $44,693 per annum.

  • Horticultural technician

Horticultural technicians plant, maintain and nurture plant life. They also diagnose and treat plant diseases. The average salary of a horticultural technician is $37,550 per annum.

  • Plant care workers

Plant care workers apply their knowledge and skills to tend to the customer’s plant on-premise. They ensure that a customer’s plant is properly maintained and healthy.

They would also examine the soil regularly to identify the presence of disease or insects. The average salary of a plant care worker is $32,500 per annum.

  • Nursery staffer

Nursery staffer looks after the growing plants in a nursery. Young plants require a lot of care and attention.

The nursery staffer ensures they get the required amount of watering, nutrients, and also ensure that the soil is appropriate for the plants. The average salary of a nursery staffer is $20,000 per annum.

  • Landscape designer

A landscape designer uses his skills and knowledge to create gardens for aesthetic purposes. Landscapes designers work for a wide range of clients from private clients to government organizations.

Landscape designing is a very rewarding career with an average salary of $54,053 per annum.

  • Horticultural writers

Horticultural writers write for horticultural magazines, gardening blogs and websites, radio and television shows, or even for organizations. If you love horticulture, this career is a great way to share it with the world.

Good command of the client’s language and ability to meet tight deadlines is a must-have to succeed in this career. The average salary of horticultural writers is $42,000 per annum.


The possibilities of a career in horticulture are endless. However, some will require a level of education or formal training while others just require your experience.

Whichever career path you choose, be certain that it is what you love to do because it is the passion that would keep you going.