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When Should You Clean Your Garden?

A garden is a place of relaxation and can help you relax your mind. It can relieve stress and fatigue. It is, therefore, important to ensure your garden is in a clean and healthy state always.

So, when should you clean your garden? The best time to clean up your garden is in the spring. Dead plants, leaves, and stems littering your garden is not a pleasant sight and it is also not a healthy state for your garden.

Dead plants can harbor fungus and diseases that would affect your plantings in other seasons. Spring Garden cleanup provides a clean slate for your vegetables and perennials to grow.

When Is It Appropriate To Clean Up Your Garden?

It is always advisable to clean up your garden in spring. Dead plants usually hide diseases and weeds which can spread quickly and infest your whole garden. Spring garden cleanup would help keep your gardens free from diseases and weeds.

It’s a good idea to wait until the ground has dried up a bit and thawed before you begin your spring garden cleaning. If you start your spring garden cleaning when the ground is still wet, it could result in soil compaction which would make it quite difficult for plants and crops to grow later on.

Cleaning up your garden can be a major task, especially if you have a lot of garden beds. You don’t have to do it all in a single day, you can clean it at your own pace all through the spring.

Here are the necessary things you need to do to ensure your garden is in a clean state and free from diseases and weeds.

12 Things To Do When Cleaning Your Graden

1.     Prune shrubs

Pruning is usually the first activity involved in cleaning your garden. The best time for doing it is early in spring. It helps to trigger new growth and prevents the spread of diseases. However, do not prune blooming shrubs, wait till they are done blooming before you prune them.

2. Remove mulches as well as other protection

As soon as the temperature begins to warm up in the spring, you can then remove any mulch or protection you might have added to protect your sensitive plants during fall.

3. Level up thick leaves

Leaves are very good for your garden so you don’t need to remove all the leaves from your garden. Leaves act as an additional layer of mulch to help in keeping the weeds down and also to feed the soil as they loosen. However, ensure you level down the thick layers of leaves.

4. Pull up dead annuals

Annual plants, like begonias, petunias, marigolds, snapdragons, and geraniums only live for a year in harsh weather conditions and do not grow back after winter.

So, there is no point in keeping them in your garden after winter. You should pull them out of the ground from their roots and dispose of them.

5. Pull up dead growth from perennials

Prune or remove the dead growth from perennials like daylilies, hostas, ornamental grasses, sedums, and coneflowers. Remove thick layers of leaves so they would not slow new growths.

Also, be very careful when pruning plants so you would not mistakenly cut off new growth. Do not force out dead plants and stems out of the ground. If it is proving too difficult to remove, consider pruning it instead.

6. Clean the vegetable garden

Remove all dead vegetable plants. As much as possible, remove all plant debris and roots as you clean up the vegetable garden. Also, detangle all dead vines from trellises.

7. Pull out weeds

The best time to pull out weeds before they become established is in the spring. Weeds are much easier to sight in the spring before the perennial plants start growing.

Also, since the soil is wet in the spring, it makes it easy to quickly pull out weeds. After you are done pulling out the weeds, cover the ground with thick layers of mulches to prevent new ones from growing.

8. Edge the garden beds to remove grass

Grass has a way of creeping into your garden beds. Spring is the best time to remove these grasses that have found their way into your garden beds because they are easier to see to sight then and also to pull out since the soil is still wet.

9. Clean up the lawn

Aside from cleaning up your garden, you should also clean up the lawn. Remove dead leaves, pick up branches and stems, and remove plant debris. This activity should be done when the ground is dried up a bit and thawed.

10. Prune trees

In addition to cleaning up your garden, spring is also the best time to prune some of the trees in your yard. However, pruning fruit or flowering trees should not be done until after they are done blooming.

11. Clean your patio furniture

Give your patio furniture a quick rinse or wash with soapy water to ensure it is dirt-free and fit to accommodate guests at any time.

12. Sweep the patio, deck, and porch

A lot of dirt and debris accumulate on the patios, decks, and porches during winter. So, the spring is usually the best time to sweep any dirt that has accumulated through the winter.

What Tools Do I Need To Clean Up My Garden?

Garden cleanup can be a bit overwhelming but with the right tools in place, cleaning would be much easier. Here are a few of the tools that you need to have to make your garden cleanup much easier for you.

  • Heavy-duty hand pruners

These heavy-duty hand pruners are different from the regular hand pruners. They are specially designed to make the task of cutting through thick branches and stems effortlessly.

  • Loppers for thick stems and branches

Loopers also make it super easy to cut through thick branches and stems just as with scissors and paper.

  • Hand rake

This is a handy tool that is useful for raking leaves out from around plants. A hand rake comes in handy when you are not wearing gloves or when you are cleaning up prickly plants like barberry bushes or roses.

  • Billhook saw

This tool is particularly useful for cutting down thick perennials. It is also multipurpose as you can use the other end to easily dig into the soil to uproot grasses and weeds.

How Can I Keep My Garden Clean?

According to available ideas, major garden cleanliness problems are water drainage clogging, fallen leaves and branches, overgrowing lawn grass and weeds, and diseases and fungus infestation. Here are a few tips to keep your garden clean and healthy at all times.

  • Ensure you examine plants thoroughly before buying them. Choose a healthy plant to prevent disease infestation into your garden.
  • Ensure manure is completely decomposed before you use it.
  • Watch out for bugs that can attract bacteria and viruses.
  • Clean your garden regularly.
  • Remove dry leaves and dead plants to avoid diseases and fungus breeding over them.
  • Prune damaged branches and stem as soon as you spot them.
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What Are The Best Garden Gnomes On Amazon?

Do you have a beautiful garden or a lawn and want to add more beauty to your space? There are so many amazing lawn ornaments you can consider adding to spice things up a bit.

Some lawn ornaments are in animal forms( such as flamingoes, turtle, and rabbits), bathtub Madonna, birdbath, bird feeder, concrete aboriginal, concrete goose, Francis of Assisi, human form, jigglers, garden gnomes and more.

What Are Garden Gnomes?

Garden gnomes are one of the lawn ornaments you can add to your garden, lawn, or yard to make a statement in your space. They are figurines of small humanoids.

Most garden gnomes are made in the likeness of a male dwarf with a pointy hat. The hat is usually red Phrygian hats.

Garden gnomes are usually between 30cm to 60cm tall although some more recent garden gnomes might just be a few inches.

Garden gnomes, which were formerly used by affluent Europeans for the decorative purpose have now gained increased popularity. They are now used in the Western world by different people irrespective of their social class.

Top 10 Garden Gnomes on Amazon

Before buying on amazon here is a list of the top 10 garden gnomes you should look out for;

1. Gnome Solar Garden Light:

With this gnome, you can lighten up your garden cottage, steps, and walkway at night.

You just need to expose it to sunlight during the day and the solar energy is converted to electrical energy and stored in the rechargeable battery. At night, the light comes on automatically.

2. Bo-Toys Solar Powered Gnome Sleeping In a Chair LED Garden Light Decor:

This garden gnome has a whole lot of details. It has a bird that is solar-powered and also a rechargeable battery. It adds variant light to your space.

3. The Garden Gnome 10″:

This garden gnome depicts patients with a lovely beard. It can also be used at home and in the office. It was also made to suit varying weather conditions.

4. Garden Gnome Holding Bird by Alpine:

A beautifully made gnome for any location in your garden. It is made with quality materials that can stand the test of time.

5. Welcome, Sign Garden Gnome by Gifts & Decor:

How about giving your guests a warm welcome? It shows very bright and welcoming colors and is adorable with “Welcome” clearly written. The gnome might be fragile.

6. Caught With His Pants Down:

This gnome is humorous and would take your guests by surprise. This gnome is also hand-painted with a unique face.

7. Toscano Zen:

A meditating gnome with a bird on the bird. The pose depicts the calmness possible in your garden where you can also relate to the beauty of nature.

8. Gen RR Sleeping Gnome:

With a solar power light that shines at night inside the mushroom, this gnome depicts the peaceful rest you can get after a busy day’s work.

You deserve a good nap. You can place it at different positions in your garden.

9. Cody The Gnome:

Cody the Gnome is a lightweight gnome with bright colors. Cody checking his phone on his throne could be a beautiful sight to behold. Cody can also make a great company in your bathroom.

10. The Selfie Sisters Garden Gnome, 9-inch Tall Funny Lawn Gnome Statue, Weatherproof Garden Decoration:

Join the ladies for some beautiful shots with beautiful and bright colors. It gives your lawn, garden, or patio a colorful look. These gnomes are amazingly made and also with good paint.

What Is The History Of Garden Gnomes?

Picture of What Is The History Of Garden Gnomes

Statues made from stone which were placed in gardens as a depiction of Priapus which is the Greco-Roman god of fertility were often seen in the gardens of Romans.

Paracelsus, a Swiss alchemist described gnomes as some magical creatures during the Renaissance era. He described them as, “diminutive figures two spans in height who did not like to mix with humans”.

In this period, grotesques attractively painted as a figurine were made, and only the wealthy people could get them and place in their gardens. Gobbi, which is humpbacks in Italian, was one of the popularly depicted figurines.

Objects called gnomes were formerly carved out from wood and some were made from porcelain toward the end of the year 1700s. They were used to decorate households.

Brienz, a town in Switzerland was popular for this art. The stories of the dwarfs which help in mines and also on the farm started becoming part of Germans superstitions and also found their way into the German traditional stories.

As early as the year 1841, these  “little folk” were already in stock by the Dresden company called Baehr and Maresch.

Some think Baehr and Maresch should be credited for the first garden gnome but this claim is being disputed. In about just a decade, the statues of these dwarfs had spread across Germany and then to France.

In 1847, Sir Charles Isham arrived Britain with 21 terracotta garden gnomes made by the owner of historic German Garden Gnome company in Germany, Philip Griebel.

It was after they were brought to Britain by Sir Charles Isham that they were called “Gnomes”. Gnomes were more popular after Sir Frank Crisp, who was one of the largest collectors of garden gnomes in the U.K, established his park.

He allowed visitors to enter at least once a week. Many of those visitors to Friar Park might have developed an interest in garden gnomes after seeing these garden gnomes there.

The popularity of garden gnomes increased as more manufacturers entered the business with their varying concepts.

Although World War I affected the popularity of garden gnomes, the animation movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Disney revived their popularity.

The advent of World War II also affected the garden gnome market and many manufacturers backed out.

Garden gnomes became popular again around the 1970s with the creation of more interesting and humorous garden gnomes.

Where to Buy Activated Charcoal for Gardening?

Where to Buy Activated Charcoal for Gardening?

Have you ever been driving around a neighborhood and saw a lawn that stuck out? I mean, it looked like the most luscious green grass the world has ever known? I know I used to drive around and I would occasionally wonder why one lawn looked so vibrant and full of color, and all the other lawns in the neighborhood looked completely dead, or something was off, like they’d have patches of grass missing or discoloration (I’d see a lot of brown grass mixed with all sorts of different colored green grass). I would think to myself, I wonder how they keep their lawn looking so amazing all the time?  It turns out that activated charcoal is the secret to their gardening success.

Where to Buy Activated Charcoal for Gardening?

Before my wife got me into gardening I had no idea how some people could keep their yard looking so pristine and immaculate looking. One day my wife told me to go out and buy her some activated charcoal. My first thought was, are we going to have a BBQ tonight, and if so, why does it need to be activated charcoal? So, of course I had to ask her what exactly activated charcoal is and why does she need it? After that she explained to me all the benefits of adding activated charcoal to the soil in our yard; raising the soil’s PH level, increasing the air circulation, and it also helps the soil retain both water and nutrients. Oh and I later found out it helps neutralizes pesticides that you need to remove from the soil as well (talk about an all-in-one fertilizer).  Here is how it actually works.

Looking Online for Activated Charcoal

When I left to the store I noticed that some of the prices were a little expensive, so I went on my phone and searched for best places to buy activated charcoal, and low and behold, some of the #1 recommended places to buy activated charcoal was at your local fish store, and I also saw some suggestions for buying on Amazon. Considering that I was already driving around, I decided I would go to our local fish store about 15 minutes away from me. I found exactly what I was looking for, 24 ounces of activated charcoal for a little over $8.00 after taxes. Later I found the same stuff on Amazon for closer to $6.00 but it wasn’t that big of a deal to me.

Using Activated Charcoal in the Garden

When I got home my wife and I started to unpack the activated charcoal and put the little pellets into our garden next to our yard. We started growing our own food (both fruits and vegetables) about a year ago, and my wife likes to grow her own flowers (don’t ask me what kind of flowers she grows because although she tells me all the time, I can never remember the names of them). Right now we have carrots, cucumbers, and potatoes growing in our vegetable garden, and we have tomatoes, cherries, and strawberries growing for our fruits. This last season was by far the best harvest that we’ve experienced! I credit that to my wife telling me to pick up the activated charcoal, even though I had no idea what it was at the time.

Getting a Better Yield in the Garden

After using the activated charcoal in our soil we’ve noticed riper, more colorful, juicier fruits and vegetables, and the taste is much better than anything you can buy at the grocery store. I can’t believe how much of a difference in taste there was! Now instead of going to the pet store to buy our activated charcoal, we consistently buy from Amazon and have the activated charcoal sent directly to our house, so we can save both time and money (every little penny adds up when you are constantly buying things for your garden).

Now that we’ve found a brand that we like, we get to reap the benefits of using activated charcoal in our garden. We have some of the best tasting fruits and veggies I’ve ever ate before, and my wife’s flowers look like something you’d see out of a story book. They smell better than before, look better than before, and I’m sure they must be as healthy as we are by now! I can’t say enough about how much activated charcoal has helped us in growing out our green thumbs, and I know it can help you too when it comes to your gardening skills. I hope you get a chance to try it out and see the difference for yourself. I know once you try it and find a good brand to buy, you’ll never want to use any other type of fertilizer out there. Here’s to happy gardening!

Most Noticeable Gardening Hat

Gardening Hat Options

In conjunction with the broad brim on the front, the hat throws a good quantity of shade and also helps hold the flap away from the face of the face to prevent irritation. If you own a hat that is truly dusty, place a bit of netting or pantyhose over the conclusion of your vacuum brush and utilize it to pull the dust from the hat. When you are in need of a hat that will serve a purpose beyond style, as you tend to devote plenty of time in sunlight, it can be hard to find the appropriate mixture of functional headwear which also fits with your style. Finally, the hat comes in a wide selection of colors that produce the hat a stylish in addition to a practical statement. Never lose your netting as it’s permanently connected to the hat. The most suitable hat is a must-have accessory for an assortment of environments. The ideal hat can help you take advantage of your time in nature.

Hat is very good quality, fits perfect and receives the work done. The hat you select for an outdoor wedding isn’t the hat to select for rock climbing. The hat also has to have the capacity to safeguard you well against the harsh sun rays. Moreover, the hat is created with the high-quality material which is quite thick and durable. Sun hats are available in many styles, each with a specific function in mind. Protect you face with a trendy sun hat for the summertime.

The History of Gardening Hat Refuted

While the brim is wide, as a result of the good construction, it’s not going to become floppy in any way in case of a huge wind. As a result, it can become flimsy and cover your face in case of high winds. It is stiffened with foam, it is of the same width all around the hat. For the reason, it’s good to have a whole brim with a dark underside.

Some cowboy types may wish to wear their hats. Iron the seam open so it will lie flat within the finished hat. Another thing that I like about the hat is that the building of the hat is quite firm and sturdy. Garden hats ensure it is effortless for you to remain stylish as you get some work done.

The hat can be found in a lot of nice colours and in 3 sizes. Gardening hats also gain from having the ability to withstand a decent amount of stress. The best way to select The perfect Gardening Hat For You A gardening hat ought to be able to commit to three important aspects that you should always consider before purchasing. After all, it is extremely important you may discover a gardening hat of the top-notch quality, making the hat breathable and durable.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Gardening Hat

There are some elements you’ll wish to consider when choosing the very best sun hat for your requirements. There are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration including the sort of the gardening hat, the kind of the material, or the protection that the hat can give you. If you’re between sizes, order upthey appear to run a little snug. 1 to 2 inches of water each week during summer is extremely essential.