Picture of The Best Garden Gnomes On Amazon

What Are The Best Garden Gnomes On Amazon?

Do you have a beautiful garden or a lawn and want to add more beauty to your space? There are so many amazing lawn ornaments you can consider adding to spice things up a bit.

Some lawn ornaments are in animal forms( such as flamingoes, turtle, and rabbits), bathtub Madonna, birdbath, bird feeder, concrete aboriginal, concrete goose, Francis of Assisi, human form, jigglers, garden gnomes and more.

What Are Garden Gnomes?

Garden gnomes are one of the lawn ornaments you can add to your garden, lawn, or yard to make a statement in your space. They are figurines of small humanoids.

Most garden gnomes are made in the likeness of a male dwarf with a pointy hat. The hat is usually red Phrygian hats.

Garden gnomes are usually between 30cm to 60cm tall although some more recent garden gnomes might just be a few inches.

Garden gnomes, which were formerly used by affluent Europeans for the decorative purpose have now gained increased popularity. They are now used in the Western world by different people irrespective of their social class.

Top 10 Garden Gnomes on Amazon

Before buying on amazon here is a list of the top 10 garden gnomes you should look out for;

1. Gnome Solar Garden Light:

With this gnome, you can lighten up your garden cottage, steps, and walkway at night.

You just need to expose it to sunlight during the day and the solar energy is converted to electrical energy and stored in the rechargeable battery. At night, the light comes on automatically.

2. Bo-Toys Solar Powered Gnome Sleeping In a Chair LED Garden Light Decor:

This garden gnome has a whole lot of details. It has a bird that is solar-powered and also a rechargeable battery. It adds variant light to your space.

3. The Garden Gnome 10″:

This garden gnome depicts patients with a lovely beard. It can also be used at home and in the office. It was also made to suit varying weather conditions.

4. Garden Gnome Holding Bird by Alpine:

A beautifully made gnome for any location in your garden. It is made with quality materials that can stand the test of time.

5. Welcome, Sign Garden Gnome by Gifts & Decor:

How about giving your guests a warm welcome? It shows very bright and welcoming colors and is adorable with “Welcome” clearly written. The gnome might be fragile.

6. Caught With His Pants Down:

This gnome is humorous and would take your guests by surprise. This gnome is also hand-painted with a unique face.

7. Toscano Zen:

A meditating gnome with a bird on the bird. The pose depicts the calmness possible in your garden where you can also relate to the beauty of nature.

8. Gen RR Sleeping Gnome:

With a solar power light that shines at night inside the mushroom, this gnome depicts the peaceful rest you can get after a busy day’s work.

You deserve a good nap. You can place it at different positions in your garden.

9. Cody The Gnome:

Cody the Gnome is a lightweight gnome with bright colors. Cody checking his phone on his throne could be a beautiful sight to behold. Cody can also make a great company in your bathroom.

10. The Selfie Sisters Garden Gnome, 9-inch Tall Funny Lawn Gnome Statue, Weatherproof Garden Decoration:

Join the ladies for some beautiful shots with beautiful and bright colors. It gives your lawn, garden, or patio a colorful look. These gnomes are amazingly made and also with good paint.

What Is The History Of Garden Gnomes?

Picture of What Is The History Of Garden Gnomes

Statues made from stone which were placed in gardens as a depiction of Priapus which is the Greco-Roman god of fertility were often seen in the gardens of Romans.

Paracelsus, a Swiss alchemist described gnomes as some magical creatures during the Renaissance era. He described them as, “diminutive figures two spans in height who did not like to mix with humans”.

In this period, grotesques attractively painted as a figurine were made, and only the wealthy people could get them and place in their gardens. Gobbi, which is humpbacks in Italian, was one of the popularly depicted figurines.

Objects called gnomes were formerly carved out from wood and some were made from porcelain toward the end of the year 1700s. They were used to decorate households.

Brienz, a town in Switzerland was popular for this art. The stories of the dwarfs which help in mines and also on the farm started becoming part of Germans superstitions and also found their way into the German traditional stories.

As early as the year 1841, these  “little folk” were already in stock by the Dresden company called Baehr and Maresch.

Some think Baehr and Maresch should be credited for the first garden gnome but this claim is being disputed. In about just a decade, the statues of these dwarfs had spread across Germany and then to France.

In 1847, Sir Charles Isham arrived Britain with 21 terracotta garden gnomes made by the owner of historic German Garden Gnome company in Germany, Philip Griebel.

It was after they were brought to Britain by Sir Charles Isham that they were called “Gnomes”. Gnomes were more popular after Sir Frank Crisp, who was one of the largest collectors of garden gnomes in the U.K, established his park.

He allowed visitors to enter at least once a week. Many of those visitors to Friar Park might have developed an interest in garden gnomes after seeing these garden gnomes there.

The popularity of garden gnomes increased as more manufacturers entered the business with their varying concepts.

Although World War I affected the popularity of garden gnomes, the animation movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Disney revived their popularity.

The advent of World War II also affected the garden gnome market and many manufacturers backed out.

Garden gnomes became popular again around the 1970s with the creation of more interesting and humorous garden gnomes.