Tom LeRoy began his 35-year career with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service right out of college, after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture in 1975 and a Master’s Degree in Plant Breeding in 1977, both from Texas A&M University.

He served the first 11 years of that career as the Montgomery County, Extension Agent – Horticulture.  It was during that time that Tom LeRoy’s most notable accomplishment would emerge, when he implemented the very first Master Gardener Program in the State of Texas.  A mere 25 Montgomery County residents graduated from that program.  Since that time over 115 Texas counties have implemented their own Master Gardener Program. In 2004, Tom LeRoy was presented an awarded from the Texas Master Gardener Association in recognition of his efforts implementing the first County Master Gardener Program in the State of Texas.

Tom LeRoy also served as the Harris County Extension Agent – Horticulture from 1988 until 1998, heading up their Master Gardener Program. Working alongside his colleague, friend and confidant, Bill Adams, Tom was able to assist in the establishment of a demonstration orchard and trial garden at the Harris County Extension Center. Tom LeRoy and Bill Adams also co-authored three gardening books, “Growing Fruits and Nuts in the South, “Common Sense Vegetable Gardening in the South, and their latest, “The Southern Kitchen Garden.

For the past 14 years, Tom has been serving as the County Extension Agent Horticulture for Montgomery County; working diligently with the same Master Gardener Program he first started in 1977.

Tom has been recognized for his superior service by Texas A&M University, Texas Cooperative Extension, first in 1985 for Innovative Programs including the First Master Gardener Program in Texas and again in 2006 for Standard Setting Leadership in Implementing the Texas Master Gardener Volunteer Model.  This was the first time the Superior Service Award for Volunteerism had been presented by Texas Agrilife Extension Service in the State of Texas.

Tom LeRoy has also received many other awards during his 35 years of service with Texas Agrilife Extension Service.

Of his many notable accomplishments, Tom feels that the friendships he has made the Master Gardeners is his most rewarding and satisfying.

Tom LeRoy resides with his wife of 31 years, Sandy; and he and she are proud grandparents of 8 grandchildren by their two daughters, Christie and Niki.